Chairman’s Board

FRED WONG (黄國俊) 1975 – 1977
DR GAM LEE (李金培) 1977-79
DONG WILLIE LEE YOUNG (董廣漢) 1979 – 81 & 1983 – 87
COLIN CHAN (陳社儉) 1981 – 83
PETER CHAN (陳靄筠) 1987-93 , 1995-2002 
EDWARD HO (何華佑) 1993-1995
THOMAS DOO (黃超權) 2001-2007
ARTHUR LOO (盧錫溪) 2007-2013
KAI LUEY (呂顯華) 2013-2023

Life Members

In 2011, a review of the Constitution created the category of Life Member. A Life Member is a person honored for their meritorious services to the Auckland Chinese Community Centre after recommendation by the Committee and election as a Life Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.

Enduring Membership

The review of the Constitution in 2011 included the following changes:-

  • The creation of the Enduring Member category for those members and their spouse or partner who donated monies for the construction of the Mangere Hall was recognized by inscribed bricks.
  • Also, any member who donates $1,000 or more could also become an Enduring Member together with their spouse or partner.

In 2016, the Constitution was amended so that individuals who donate $500 or more could become Enduring Members. This change was made to assist with the fundraising campaign to build the Mangere Hall extensions.

Mangere Hall fundraising and construction in the 1970s

Donors from 1960s