About Us

Auckland Chinese Community Centre was established in 1960

The organization was incorporated on 23 March 1960 under its original name of Auckland Chinese Hall Inc (ACH). Over the ensuing years, ACCC has served the community in Auckland very well by providing facilities and activities to cater to the sporting, cultural and social needs of its members and the wider local Chinese community.

Fast forward to 2020 and there are approximately 180,000 Chinese in Auckland. ACCC is only one of about 350 Chinese community organisations in Auckland with the overwhelming majority being Mandarin-speaking groups originating from mainland China. Under these circumstances, our ACCC members are now mainly descendants of the Cantonese early settlers who have extensively integrated into the mainstream community with a very wide range of occupations plus some recent migrants from Hong Kong and mainland China who wish to participate in our activities.

Chairman of Auckland Chinese Community Centre

Kai Luey

ACCC members 10 Pin bowling
CNY dragon dance
ACCC Children's day
The first committee members
1961 ACH opening
Chinese school in 1969
99 Taylor Road, Mangere Hall
1 New North Road,city office
Lincoln Road, investment property

To celebrate the Auckland Chinese Community Centre 60th anniversary, a special edition was published in 2020.

Download a PDF film here.